Come on! Getting to Know What Frameworks & Functions Are

Framework is a program framework that is used to help developers to develop code consistently.

With the framework developer can reduce the number of bugs in the application made. Because, functions and variables that are already available in the framework component.

In this article, you will learn more in understanding and functioning of the framework. Not only that, you will also be invited to get to know the types of frameworks that are often used. Come, see this article to the end.


What is Framework?

Before learning more about the framework, it is better if you understand the understanding of the framework first. As the name implies, the framework is a framework used to develop desktop-based applications or website-based applications.

Framework intentionally created to help developers develop applications more quickly and structured and structured.

By using your framework, it will be easier to create applications, because you only need to arrange the components of the ready-made programming. So developers and programmers do not need to code repetitive programs.

Framework function

Based on the explanation above, the framework has the main function to make it easier for developers to develop software and applications. Because the framework has a program composed of MVC (Model View Controller) structures. In addition, there are three framework functions that you can find out below.

1. Programs Become More Structured and Organized
When developers work on developing software or large applications, the programs that will be written in it become more and more. Sometimes, the more programs written will make the debugging process slower. In addition, when you search for an error code the program will be more difficult because of unstructured programs.

Therefore, the existence of a framework can make the program more structured so that you can easily find the code that needs to be fixed. Even some types of frameworks exist that apply the concept of MVC (Model View Controller) which will make it easier for developers to separate logic and views.

2. Practical for Developers
When you develop software or applications, it will be more practical when you use the framework. The reason is because the framework already provides code in the form of functions and classes so the process of making software or applications will be faster. You simply call the function or class into your program code.

3. Has Superior Security
Over the years, security for software and applications has been a major concern for developers. Some of the developers have used every means to secure the software and applications they have made.

After the framework is present, the developer may be a little calm about the security of the program that has been made. Because every security hole in the framework has been identified by 10-100 + expert developers. The framework is also constantly being updated to offer new features and to deal with bugs that minimize framework security vulnerabilities.

Framework type

Framework has three types of platforms, namely Ajax framework, web application framework and application framework. Of the three platforms have different uses. Following is a brief explanation of the three types of framework.

1. Ajax Framework
Ajax framework is an abbreviation of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax is a new technique for creating better, faster and more interactive web applications with the help of XML, HTML, CSS, and Java Script.

AJAX is one of the frameworks that is very much liked by developers because by using AJAX you can:

– Update web pages without reloading the page.
– Request data from the server, after the page has loaded.
– Receive data from the server, after the page has loaded.
– Send data to the server, using the backend page.

Currently there are several types of Ajax framework that are popular. Well, here we will give four examples of Ajax framework. Here is an example.

– Prototype
Prototype is a JavaScript framework created to make it easier for developers to develop dynamic websites. Prototype is a JavaScript library, which allows you to manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM) in a very easy way. Not only that Prototype also offers a class-style 00 framework with Ajax support.

– Taconite
Taconite is a JavaScript framework that really helps you to simplify and add Ajax to your web application. The feature that distinguishes Taconite from other Ajax frameworks is that you can easily update the DOM without having to write JavaScript. Taconite can work in all modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

– MooTools
MooTools is a collection of JavaScript designed for intermediate to advanced JavaScript developers. By using MooTools you can write strong and flexible code with a well-documented API.

The MooTools code is widely documented and easy to read, allowing you to expand the functionality to suit your needs.

– ZK Ajax Framework
ZK Ajax is an open source framework, which consists of client and server components that can communicate with each other. ZK provides two sets of user interface components. The first set of components is based on the XUL or XML User Interface Language. The second set uses XHTML.

Not only that ZK also provides an XML-based markup called ZUML to add components to the page.

2. Web Application Framework
Web Application framework is software designed to support web application development, web services, web resources and web APIs. With the web application framework, developing websites is faster and easier.

At present, the number of frameworks has increased rapidly. To help you choose the most suitable framework for a website, we have listed five of the best web application frameworks, along with an explanation.

– Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that can develop at least ten times faster with Rails than the Java framework. In addition, Rails includes everything needed to create database-driven web application applications using the MVC (Model View Controller) structure.

– Django
Django is an open source framework written using the Python programming language. Like the framework in general, Django consists of a collection of modules that make application development easier. Django offers a large collection of modules that you can use in application creation projects.

– Angular
Angular is an open source framework that is used to develop dynamic websites. The presence of Anguler is used to improve the functionality of HMTL to build web applications. The reliability of the Angular framework is undoubtedly one of the reasons is because it was developed directly by the Google team.

– Laravel
Laravel is a backend framework that uses the PHP programming language that allows you to deliver exceptional applications. With clean and elegant code syntax, it really helps developers to encourage website development skills.

Laravel has its own database migration system that allows development teams to easily build, modify, and share application database schemes.

Well, for a more complete explanation you can read our article entitled Laravel Framework: Understanding, Excellence & Tips for Beginners

– CodeIgniter
CodeIgniter is a PHP MVC (Model View Controller) framework for developing applications quickly. CodeIgniter provides libraries to connect to databases and perform various operations. such as sending emails, uploading files, managing sessions and others.

If you are interested in using the CodeIgniter framework, you can follow the installation steps in the article titled How to Install CodeIgniter on Hosting.

3. Application Framework
Application framework is a library that consists of software used by developers to develop application structures. Application framework functions as a tool to create templates and application structures using a more efficient and faster way.

The following are some examples of the most popular application frameworks that are often used today.

– Ionic
Ionic is an open source platform that provides cross-platform mobile application development. The advantage of using the Ionic framework is that app developers can use default UI elements such as forms, filters, action sheets, list views, tab bars, and navigation menus in the design of an application that is created.

Apalagi jika Anda sudah terbiasa dengan CSS, JavaScript, atau HTML, maka menggunakan framework Ionic menjadi lebih mudah untuk dikelola. Ionic mendukung sistem operasi Android dan iOS terbaru.

– Xamarin
Xamarin adalah framework yang digunakan untuk membangun aplikasi dengan menggunakan bahasa pemrograman C# untuk Android, iOS, dan Windows phone. Xamarin merupakan alat yang andal yang memberikan kinerja fleksibel dan didukung oleh Microsoft.

Dengan interface yang mudah dipahami Xamarin sangat cocok digunakan untuk membangun aplikasi dengan mudah.

– React Native
React Native adalah framework cross-platform yang dikembangkan langsung oleh tim Facebook untuk membuat aplikasi Android dan iOS. Seperti yang Anda ketahui banyak framework yang bisa digunakan untuk membuat aplikasi Android dan iOS, akan tetapi React Native memiliki perbedaan dengan framework lainnya.

Dengan menggunakan React Native dapat membuat Anda lebih efisien dan mempercepat waktu develop aplikasi.

– jQuery Mobile
jQuery adalah library JavaScript yang siap untuk digunakan dan memiliki berbagai plugin seperti Image Slider, Content Slider, Pop-Up Box dan lain-lain. Menggunakan jQuery jauh lebih mudah dibandingkan menggunakan library JavaScript, karena lebih sedikit kode yang ditulis untuk mendapatkan fitur yang sama dibandingkan dengan library lain.

Jadi dengan menggunakan jQuery akan membuat tampilan aplikasi lebih sederhana, interaktif dan user friendly.

– Sencha Touch
Sencha Touch adalah application framework yang didukung oleh HTML5 dan CSS3, providing APIs, animations dan komponen yang kompatibel dengan platform browser seluler saat ini. Sencha Touch menggunakan pola desain MVC untuk membuat kode lebih rapi dan mudah dibaca.

Sudah Mengerti Apa itu Framework?

Framework adalah platform yang tepat untuk membuat website atau aplikasi yang responsif dan lebih menarik. Dengan bantuan framework, Anda bisa membuat website atau aplikasi dengan lebih cepat dan aman.

Di artikel ini, kami sudah membahas banyak pilihan jenis framework yang dapat Anda gunakan. Anda dapat memilih framework sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda.

Semoga artikel ini berguna bagi Anda. Jika memiliki pertanyaan, jangan sungkan untuk meninggalkan komentar di bawah ini.

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